Afrox Vitamax E6013 Premium General Purpose Mild Steel Electode

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Vitemax® is a premium quality rutile electrode for use in all positions including vertical downwards. This versatile electrode, which has a rapid burn-off rate, produces smooth welds in all positions. The weld metal deposited complies with radiographic quality to AWS A5.1 grade 1.

Vitemax® is recommended for welding a wide variety of carbon manganese steels having a carbon equivalent below 0,28%. It can also be used successfully in applications with higher carbon equivalents, provided the correct degree of preheat is used.


    • Smooth, quiet arc action
    • Low spatter loss with good striking and restrike characteristics
    • Excellent slag detachability – In most cases the slag is self-lifting
    • Welds relatively cold, making it ideally suited for bridging large gaps, i.e. where poor fit-up occurs, and for tacking


Either the touch or free arc technique can be used. For vertical down welding, the touch weld technique must be used with a high rate of travel.


    • AWS A5.1 E6013
    • SABS 455 E4313/0315
    • EN 2560 E 38 O RC 11

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2.0mm (4kg Boxes), 2.5mm (5kg Boxes), 3.15mm (5kg Boxes), 4mm (5kg Boxes)


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