Afrox Transarc 7018-1 Low Hydrogen Electrode

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Afrox Transarc 7018-1 is an AC/DC all-position basic coated hydrogen controlled electrode of premium quality. It was designed for applications where fracture toughness and the most severe X-ray requirements in all positions are required.


    • This electrode combines outstanding all-positional welding characteristics, excellent bead profile and appearance in both root and capping passes with a smooth stable arc and quick freezing weld metal.
    • Its ability to operate at lower than normal currents and give a fully penetrating weld bead is of particular significance for root runs which are inaccessible for back gouging.
    • These properties give the electrode outstanding welder appeal.



    • SABS 455 E5118/-4427H

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Weight 5 kg

2.5mm (5kg Boxes), 3.15mm (5kg Boxes), 4mm (5kg Boxes)


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